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Image of Top Fuel Dragster
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About Laris Motorsports Insurance

Laris Motorsports Insurance has revolutionized the insurance and racing worlds by creating the first insurance policy for racers by racers. With 80+ years in the insurance industry and 60+ years’ experience on the drag strip, the Laris family is proud to have created a policy that provides broad coverage and offsets gaps commonly found with other companies. Let Laris Motorsports’ knowledgeable staff and claims department show you why so many people across the US have already chosen Laris Motorsports Insurance to protect their racing investments!

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Race Car Off-Track Physical Damage

Although the track by far is the most dangerous place for your race car, make sure it's protected from fire, theft, and weather.

Race car On-Track Physical Damage

Don't let your investment go up in flames. Laris Motorsports offers industry-leading on-track physical damage insurance.

TRailer and Motorhome

We insure the trailers you need for your motorsports pursuits. No matter the type or size, we've got you covered.

Parts And Tools

Talk to us about your tools and spare parts so that we can help you find the best coverage to guard against theft or loss.

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Why choose laris?

Laris Motorsports is a captive insurance company that offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

qualified professionals

No insurance agent can understand the racing industry as well as the racers themselves. That's why Laris Motorsports is founded on personal knowledge and experience gained from generations of racing.



Laris Motorsports Insurance has done all the necessary research on premiums so that we can provide you with fair pricing and flexible payment terms on turnkey coverage options.


accessible service

Our specialists and agents are always available to answer your questions, whether you want to talk to us at our office, on social media, through video chat, or live from the track.

Hear From Our Customers


No one wants to have to use their Insurance

No one wants to have to use their insurance. However, on a fall day our company was over the moon that we had Laris when we had to make an on-track claim. It was easy and quick. I now hold the steering wheel and let Laris protect the investment.

Don O'Neal

Delivered what was promised

When we got our stuff stolen, Laris Motorsports Insurance was spot on and delivered what was promised. What a great company to work with.

John Bianco

Laris Motorsports Insurance Saved my Racing Program

Laris Motorsports Insurance saved my racing program after my on-track crash in the 2020 NHRA National event in Saint Louis. Holden Contacted me the day after my crash letting me know as soon as I felt good enough to chat to give the office a call and they would get the claim underway. The staff there is incredible and did exactly what Holden told me would happen. They sent an adjuster to my house and in no time I received my check in the mail. I feel very fortunate to have purchased insurance with Laris and will never race without it.

Phillip Oakley

Hundreds less than my auto insurer

Laris Motorsports Insurance saved me so much money. I was able to insure my trailer, racecar, golfcart, and trailer contents with Laris for hundreds less than my auto insurer wanted just to insure my race trailer. Recently i added a motorhome to my policy and once again, Laris had the best price and coverage. Great pricing along with outstanding coverage made the decision to choose Laris Motorsports Insurance and east one. I highly recommend Laris Motorsports Insurance.

Gary Don Free, Drag Champ

No Hassle Easy to Receive Quote

I checked out several different motorsport's insurance companies, before going with Laris, Great value based on the value of your car, no hassle east to receive a quote and obtain your policy, Great people to work with and can and WILL help you with any questions you have.

Danny Nelson Racecraft Chassis

Laris Motorsports is the way to go

Race car Insurance is a no brainer, us racers spend $30,000 or more on one motor why not spend money to protect your investment. Laris Motorsports is the way to go.

Britt Cumming

They'd have my back 100%

Like so many racers, I'm a bit ashamed to admit the percentage of my family's "wealth" that is tied up in our racing program! Insuring our race cars, trailers, and support equipment allow me to sleep better at night. Laris Motorsports Insurance makes the process simple, pain free, and less expensive than I had assumed. Thankfully, in several years of working with Laris, I've yet to have a claim; but knowing the Laris family and their understanding of commitment to our sport, I'm certain that in the event of an issue, they'd have my back 100%. Thats worth a lot.

Luke Bogacki

Good Service and support everytime!

On the way home from Palm Beach International Raceway, my son Blake and I’s motorhome and trailer caught fire going down the highway. We were not able to catch it in time and ended up being a total loss. Thanks to the folks at Laris, we were able to completely restore our racing operation. We were able to make the first races at our local track in March with stuff just as nice as we lost. Without them, we have no idea where we would be. Best Investment we have ever made! Motorsports was the best, they give us good service and support every time!

Mike Fuqua

Easy to work with!

Ross Laris and I are best friends, The Laris Family make sure you are taken care of with confidence. They are 100% easy to work with and they are quick.

Steve Collier

The Pricing is great

I just want to leave a note on how the customer service is with Laris Motorsports Insurance, they answer any questions you have and give you answers very quick! The pricing is great, and they understand what your needs are. I highly recommend them for your on and off-track coverage for your race team.

PB Candies- Candies Family

Claims Process was very easy!

After Hurricane Laura hit my hometown and a tree fell on my trailer and totaled it, I felt at peace knowing it would be taken care of with my Laris policy. The claims process was very easy.  I never thought it would happen to me, but it did I am very thankful that I had Laris Motorsports Insurance to take care of me in that time. Now I have a new trailer and back to racing. Also, the customer service is amazing, and Hailey is always there to take care of you every step of the way.

Chad Laughlin

Laris paid out quickly

Anyone looking for race car coverage look no further! Laris was very helpful from my first conversation with Hailey regarding coverage to my first claim. Hailey’s first question regarding my claims was “IS your Husband OK”? Customer service is pretty much a thing of the past, so this being Hailey’s first response to my call was more than customer service it was thoughtful during a stressful time. Laris paid our claim out quickly and questions I had were answered. I have recommended Laris to Several People and will continue to recommend Laris

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Frequently Asked

How long is a policy Term?

All Laris Motorsports Insurance Policies are written on an annual basis.

What payment options do we offer?

We are happy to offer annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options. We take many forms of payments: Check, Debit/ Credit Card, and ACH.

How does the contingency program work?

Congrats! You've won or came in runner up at a qualified event! Call us at 985-746-4663 or email and let us know what event you won. You can even submit a photo to be featured on our website and social media pages.

What is the typical turnaround time to get coverage?

Our Highly trained and knowledgeable staff can get you quoted and bound same day!

is this policy affordable to all racers?

We have many different coverage options that we can put together to give you that best policy to fit your needs.

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