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Race Car Off-Track Physical Damage

Although the track by far is the most dangerous place for your race car, there are plenty of other trouble spots that could pose a threat to your investment. Fire, theft, vandalism, and storm damage are all real and measurable hazards you can encounter anywhere you travel. At Laris, we make sure that your coverage doesn't leave you exposed to unnecessary risk.

Top Fuel dragsters under tent
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Race car On-Track Physical Damage

At Laris Motorsports Insurance, we want you to feel the thrill of victory, not the agony of watching your investment go up in flames. We'll help you find the reliable, affordable coverage you need to insure your race car and protect you from unnecessary risks all the way around the track.

Top fuel dragsters on drag strip
on the road or away from home

TRailer and Motorhome

Laris Motorsports Insurance knows just what you have riding on your investment. That's why we offer comprehensive, affordable insurance coverage for every size and type of trailer you use in your motorsports pursuits. From cargo trailers to mobile homes for your track team, we'll make sure you're covered.

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at the shop and in the pit

Parts And Tools

Unfortunately, theft happens--and when it happens to your tools and replacement parts, trying to recoup what you've lost can cost you more time and money than you have to spare. At Laris Motorsports Insurance, we never want to see you get sidetracked by loss of equipment. Talk to us about your parts and tools so that and we can help you find the right coverage to keep you driving.

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