Taking Care of Clients Since 1939

The Laris Insurance Agency is a fourth generation South Louisiana multiline insurance agency. For the last 30 years the Laris family has spent much of their spare time doing and thinking about one thing . . . . racing!  What started as a hobby has evolved into a real NHRA racing team with four cars, multiple full time mechanics, and plenty of trophies to feel good about after the tremendous investment of both time and resource ​that it takes to be competitive in racing. 
Naturally, the Laris family tried to take their success helping energy clients on the Gulf Coast with their insurance needs and assist  racers in finding coverage packages that didn't leave their assets exposed. The Laris family quickly realized that consistent coverage was going to be a challenging thing to find. 

After carefully researching their options it was determined the best way to address the unique needs of fellow NHRA racers  would be to sponsor a captive insurance company which would write the specialized coverages they needed and offer superior service, particularly in the management of claims. They wanted to offer broad package policies that didn't leave gaps. The Laris philosophy is simple, always put yourself in the shoes of someone who just saw their investment lost. Insurance is more than a piece of paper and a promise, it's a lifetime of relationships, and dedication to fair treatment. 

Laris Motorsports Insurance is a marketplace of various coverages with the special South Louisiana touch that has become a hallmark of the Laris name. The southern hospitality, enjoyment of life, and a legacy of hard work, will become the Insurance experience that you will be glad to be a part of.