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Our story

Meet Our Leadership TEAM

The Laris family has been in the insurance business since 1939, and for much of that time we've been passionate about racing.

Our personal experience helped us realize the need for racers to have access to affordable, comprehensive insurance policies for on- and off-track hazards. We know how much is riding on your investment--that's why we provide the coverage solutions you need at a fair price.

Rudy Laris Sr.

Founder of Laris Racing

Rudy Laris started in insurance in 1962 bringing in his love for racing.

Ross Laris


Ross began racing in 1987 and shortly after dove deep into the oil and gas industry.

Holden Laris


Holden began racing at 12 years old and jumped into motorsports insurance in 2015.

Our background

Family History

Sidney J Laris Founded Laris Insurance Agency

Sidney Laris started his career by going door-to-door selling life insurance policies (then known as burial policies).

Rudy Laris Sr. (Sidney's Son) Takes the Reigns

Rudy introduced Property and Casualty Insurance to the agency, thanks to his love for drag racing.

Ross Laris (Rudy's son) Takes a Family-Owned Louisiana Business to the National Level

Following in his father's footsteps, Ross continued to grow the agency by providing top notch coverage to the oil & gas industry--effectively taking Laris Insurance nationwide while still keeping the love for racing in the family.

Holden Laris (Ross's Son) Continues the Family Legacy

Starting at 12 years old, Holden ran Junior Dragsters and quickly moved up into big cars by the time he was 16. By age 18, thanks to the knowledge of insurance and racing instilled in him by previous generations, he had already recognized the challenges of dealing with insurance companies while in the racing industry: gaps in coverage, delays in receiving quotes, and a lack of understanding about race cars among most insurance adjusters.

Holden and Ross Merge Two Passions

Together the father and son duo founded Laris Motorsports Insurance, offering fellow racers broad policies, quick quotes, and a very knowledgeable claims team.

Laris Motorsports Insurance Transforms the Racing Industry

Laris has partnered with some of the most respected and well-known race organizations and companies in the industry, and runs one of the largest insurance agencies in the United States to insure racers nationwide.

Our mission

Giving Back to the Motorsport Industry

The Laris team believes that insurance is more than a piece of paper and a promise--it's a lifetime of relationships, and dedication to fair treatment.

Our Winners

Winners Circle

At Laris Motorsports Insurance, it's not only our agents and staff who bring a championship mentality to everything we do. Our valued clients are also driven to excel in every arena, including the drag strip.

We're proud to be associated with so many premier race car drivers who represent the top tier in racing and in customer relationships.

 contingency PROGRAM

You win? We Pay

Laris Motorsports Insurance is proud to offer a contingency program.
We pay contingency at over 150 races around the country.

Contact our team for more information about how you can start receiving your contingency payout from Laris Motorsports Insurance.

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